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Imagine a life of abundant energy, radiant health and harmonious balance…
Discover for yourself the power of Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Chinese Herbal Medicine,
an ancient healing system that can gently and naturally harmonize your body & mind. 
Acupuncture, massage,Chinese Herbal Medicine, Reiki, Qi Gong, Diet/Lifestyle Counseling in Chicago
Do you ever feel stressed, anxious or out of balance?
Do you struggle with chronic health issues, PMS or infertility?
Are you experiencing discomfort, digestive conditions or chronic pain?

Our Mission is to Help You:

Create a Life of Harmony & Balance
Awaken the Wisdom of Your Mind & Body
Embody Radiant Health and Abundant Energy
Dr Robert Wallace LAc, DACM
Chicago Holistic Medicine
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Chicago Holistic Medicine Offers :
AcupunctureTherapy serving Ravenswood, Lincoln Park, North Center Lincoln Square and Lakeview in Chicago
Massage Therapy in Ravenswood Chicago
Massage Therapy
Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Reiki and Qi Gong Chicago
Reiki & Qi Gong
Diet and Lifestyle Counseling
Diet/Lifestyle Counseling
Mindfullness Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation

From anxiety and depression to chronic pain and PMS, our clinic has successfully treated hundreds of people with a diverse array of health concerns. The benefit of Chinese medicine is that it can treat your health concerns at the core and optimize your overall health without creating unwanted side effects or just temporarily suppressing your symptoms.

Visit our website regularly, as we update often with new information on
how acupuncture, massage therapy and Chinese herbs can help you!

Are you ready to take charge of your health and life once and for all?
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