Tune-up with Robert Wallace

Think I need a tune-up,
I feel it in my bones
Every time I fry an egg
my shoulder wants to groan

I’m goin’ to the NorthSide
to the acupuncture shop
My best friend Robert Wallace,
he gonna fix me up

Don’t use no big old cat scans,
don’t use no drip I.V.,
That cat will scan you head to foot,
with natural energy

Massage and acupuncture,
that keep me feelin’ fine,
Keep my body right on rhythm,
Keep my head all full of rhyme!

Bonni McKeown (Barrelhouse Bonni)
Feb. 2014



I’ve been going for weekly acupuncture treatments with Robert. While the idea of being poked with needles did not seem particularly appealing, I found Robert to be very gentle and the process to be very therapeutic. My FAV part is that afterwards he does massage…ahhh! 🙂 One of these days he’s going to have to kick me out afterwards…or I’m kidnapping him;). I even had fun spinning the prayer wheel afterward! If you’re considering acupuncture, herbs or massage, I definitely recommend him.


Robert is extremely skilled in what he does. He is a gifted acupuncturist and his massages are to die for. I feel so spoiled going to see him. After only two sessions my lower back feels much improved. Highly recommended! 


I love this place. I originally came to Robert with upper back problems (mostly from lifting my daughter so often). Eventually I had him treating my Asthma and Depression as well. I did a combination of Acupuncture, Herbs, and Massage. I was a total non-believer in this kind of medicine, but the changes that resulted from my treatment were absolutely undeniable. I highly recommend this place. Robert is extremely down-to-earth and my treatment was really personalized. 


Robert is a class act. He offers a solid combination of intuition and technique, with top-notch acupuncture and massage skills. Most important, he helps you take charge of your own health with respect and gentleness. I am honored to give him my highest recommendation. 


After many attempts with different doctors to try and figure out what is causing my contact dermatitis, I decided to try out alternative therapy. I went online and searched holistic medicine and came up with Chicago Holistic Medicine.

So far, I’ve only had 2 treatments and unfortunately I am going to have to stop for a while due to the cost not being covered on my insurance.

However, the 2 treatments I have had were really great. The acupuncture paired with the herbs seemed to help my condition. Though, I still don’t know what is actually causing it, I feel that for now at lease I am in a better state.

I hope to go back and have more treatments, but my wallet is telling me I have to wait!


A couple of years ago, I first started a weekly treatment with Robert due to my chronic neck and shoulder pain, which involved deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and herbs. A month later, the weekly session became every other week session, then soon once a month just maintenance session.
Also, I had a medical issue, which involved immune system. Again after 4 months of seeing him (normally people takes 1yr or sometimes even longer to recover from it), I was able to fully recover from the condition. My doctor was surprised!
I highly and confidently recommend Dr. Wallace to anyone who is in need of any medical (physical/emotional) treatment. 


I highly recommend Robert for acupuncture and massage! I have received both acupuncture and massage from Robert. I was impressed with Robert’s skills of listening; both to what I had to say verbally but more importantly his expertness at hearing what my body needed for treatment. Robert is an insightful and caring healer!

He is also a gifted massage therapist. I highly suggest a visit to
Chicago Holistic Medicine 


Robert provided the best massage I’ve ever experienced. He was able to work on every muscle, including my stomach muscles, which I’ve never had massaged before. My tight muscles were relaxed, as was I. I would definitely recommend Robert if you would like an amazing, thorough, and relaxing massage. 


Robert is an incredible healer. I have come to him with high stress levels, skin problems, and digestive problems. He did an hour treatment of acupuncture and then prescribed me some herbs to take during the week. After two weeks of treatment, stress levels reduced: I noticed myself much calmer and comfortable in my own self, my skin problems improved significantly better then when I was using ‘proactiv or neutrogena products’, and I noticed my digestion improved…I could not believe that oriental medicine and acupuncture could do miracles. I do now. What a blessing to have found this clinic and a blessing to have Robert as my holistic medicine doctor!!!


The most caring as well as skilled massage therapist, whose work has helped me to maintain health and well-being. I felt listened to, respected, and honored; this was truly a holistic experience, filled with warmth and good humor––a truly great massage. I also added acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to treat my asthma––a powerful healing combination


Robert is professional, incredibly knowledgable, and has a wonderful bedside manner. He took time to work with me as an individual, and within six weeks, I was feeling so much better. I am asthmatic, and also suffer from mild depression/anxiety. He used a combination of herbs and accupuncture to address these issues. I also went to him for massage (I have a toddler, so my neck was always horribly cramped), he sorted me right out. I would recommend him to anyone.


I typically only give reviews when it’s either a really good experience or a really bad one, so in the case of Chicago Holistic Medicine, I am pleased to be able to give two big thumbs up. I’ve had massages in places from the Four Seasons to The Phoenician in AZ & while I will continue to get those massages as a nice component of a getaway, while in Chicago, CHM will be my go-to place. For those of you that might be uncomfortable getting a massage (ie. guys) or might feel out of place in an upitty spa, CHM is the perfect place to go. It’s low-key, relaxed simple neighbohood vibe, combined with Robert’s mellow, relaxing demeaner will put you at ease & the extremely fair pricing will make your wallet as happy as your back, neck, etc. as you walk out the door. For the typically spa-going folks, I would recommend CHM as your place to go when you’d like to increase your massage frequency w/o it becoming a second car payment in your budget. Two other positives about Robert is his intake procedure & his accupunture skills. He always takes the time to zero in on what your most pressing issues are & recommend the best personalized treatment. I would also put his accupunture skills in line w/ the Chinese practitioner w/ 30+ yrs experience where I had been going. I was as hesitant to get accupuncture as anyone, but in the right hands you often don’t even feel a pin prick. So if Robert recommends it as part of your treatment, make a leap of faith &/or man-up & you will be the better for it! 


I had the privilege of first meeting Robert at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. His even temperment and great powers of observation are reflected in his work. He helped me after I had dislocated my shoulder for which I was very grateful. He also does a great job of integrating his massage therapy techniques with the acupuncture and herbs. Go Robert!


Every time I leave Robert’s office, I feel like I am floating. I have been seeing Robert for acupuncture and massage for almost a year now for chronic daily headaches and occasional migraines. I keep going back because I love how I am feeling through his help and my personal work, mostly for maintenance. The acupuncture is so relaxing and most sessions I can actually feel the energy releasing and moving in different parts of my body. His massage skills are right on point. Because he has a plethora of trainings, he is able to utilize all of them to get the exact point of tension and with the correct pressure there is immediate relief. Robert is patient and easy to talk to; I feel very comfortable opening up to him. Try it out, go for one session and let the healing begin! Life is good! 


My experience with Robert of Chicago Holistic Medicine was excellent. Robert is very personable and very professional, which made me comfortable and relaxed from the start. He is also a very well-qualified and talented massage therapist. I was looking for a massage therapist that I could rely on to meet my needs for relaxation and stress management and I found it in Robert. I had the best massage experience and I would recommend him to anyone. 


A session with Robert always starts with talking about how my mind, body, and sprit are doing. He pays full attention to me. I have been seeing him for a long time for many reasons, such as dance injury, chronical pain on my shoulders, neck, and knees…
I enjoy being treated by him so much. His massage is “right on”, in terms of targeting my problem areas, his accupunture is effective…
Most of all, I feel sooooo relaxed and comfortable, whenever I visit Robert. It makes my day! Strongly recommend him to anyone! 



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